Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

Cleaning With Green Products

Marathon Cleaning recognizes our responsibility to reduce the impact our cleaning products have on the local environment as a cleaning service provider.

We always use environmentally safe, low-impact cleaning chemicals with the goal of giving our employees as well as our customers a safe and healthy working environment.

We realize that any progress on environmental issues can only be made through the actions of individuals and organizations.

Marathon Cleaning recognizes that the nature of our services has a direct impact on the local environment, particularly where our cleaning products are concerned. This is why we make sure that we use only Green safe cleaning products.

Marathon Cleaning has adopted an environmentally friendly policy to promote our practical day-to-day commitment to the environment.

  • Reduce the use of energy
  • Protecting the atmosphere through reduced aerosol products
  • We have working relationships with Green Cleaning suppliers to insure all of our cleaning products are completely environmentally friendly.
  • Observe and comply with legislation.
  • Revision & review of our practices to incorporate any new environmental technology.

Marathon Cleaning knows its obligations to the environment and keeping it clean for future generations, so we make sure it is not adversely affected by our activities.

We realize the value of our environment and aim to conserve it.